About Us

Perched above the clouds in the lush hills of El Cupey, El Gallo Ecolodge is far enough off the beaten path to feel like a true escape.


We are located in Loma Del Gallo, El Cupey, just 15 minutes from Puerto Plata, near the Teleférico, and offer tours, excursions, villas for rent, and catering for your business or family events. Our guests include international tourists as well as Dominicans looking to escape to the countryside and enjoy the beauty that this area has to offer.  El Gallo Ecolodge captures the authentic experience of the countryside within a short distance of the city.


At El Gallo, we serve fresh, local and natural products, much of which we grow on our organic farm, which makes meals at El Gallo a truly special event. All our food is cooked over an open fire in the tradition of the Dominican countryside. We invite you to tour our project that includes a wide variety of plants and herbs used in local cuisine and traditional medicine. We know where your food comes from and we think you should know too!


El Gallo Ecolodge participates with pride in sustainable tourism. Our goal is to have a positive impact on the environment, the community, and the economy. That’s why, whenever possible, we go local! From our walls to our walkways, we built El Gallo with the help of talented local artisans. Our food also comes from local sources, and much of our fruits and vegetables are right grown here following permaculture principles.  El Gallo is powered by solar energy and gets its water from the springs of Loma del Gallo. We are connected with local businesses and community service groups and are pleased to arrange opportunities for you to participate in the rewards of this exceptional community.


Part of the joint growth is to work with other artesanal companies in the El Cupey region. We offer a Gastronomic Tour of El Cupey that includes Mr. Cid and his honey products, the company Queso Mora in El Cupey and Dulces de Giselle in Naranjal.  Perhaps most importantly, we have a close relationship with the local elected officials and the Mothers’ Club in an ongoing effort to support the local community.


El Gallo offer seasonal visits to the El Cupey Caves, a caving system within walking distance of El Gallo. Local guides take will take you on a walking tour to visit this pristine natural attraction.


Looking for the ultimate getaway?  Rent one of our charming villas! Each villa has capacity for four people and includes a private bathroom, hot water and Wi-Fi. Meals are included in our stays for an unforgettable experience of the countryside.  We are also in the process of adding a new dormitory which can accommodate larger groups.  We are excited to be able to soon accommodate your special gatherings!


El Gallo Ecolodge is proud to show you the beautiful town of El Cupey.  We know you will leave with a deep appreciation of the tranquil Dominican countryside and all of the beauty and adventures it has to offer!


Whether you choose to relax and enjoy the view or to participate in an excursion.


We know your time here will be unforgettable.

About Puerto Plata

San Felipe de Puerto Plata, often referred to as simply Puerto Plata, is the capital of the Dominican province Puerto Plata. It has a population of 496,882.


The fortification Fortaleza San Felipe, which was built in the 16th century and served as a prison under Rafael Trujillo’s dictatorship, lies close to the port of Puerta Plata. The amber museum is also a well-known attraction in this city. La Isabela, a settlement built by Christopher Columbus, is located near Puerto Plata.


In April 1563 the Spanish settlement became notorious when the English privateer Sir John Hawkins brought 400 people he had abducted from Sierra Leone and enslaved. Hawkins traded his victims with the Spanish for pearls, hides and sugars, some gold. This was the start of British involvement in the trans-Atlantic Slave Trade, in which 20 million people were forced into slavery.

Puerto Plata is served by Gregorio Luperón International Airport.