Day Pass


Our Daypass includes a snack, lunch, fresh juice, and an excursion to the Caves of el Gallo with a local guide.

Your day begins with a light snack and drink followed by a hike to the Gallo Caves. This special cave system is about a 20 minutes’ walk from the ecolodge. The Gallo Cave consist three small caves with a river running through the center. Local legend says that the Taino Cacique Guacanagarix fled the other caciques after he allied himself with Christopher Columbus. He escaped to these hills and it is rumored that he his gold in these caves. We haven’t found anything yet (and trust me, we have looked) but we do know that these caves have a rich history!


If you are looking for a less active adventure, we are happy to offer several alternatives to the hike as well:
• Dominican cooking lessons
• Permaculture Tour
• Medicinal Plant Tour


We also have plenty of board games, Dominoes, and books if you just want to relax and enjoy the mountain views.

We take food very seriously here in El Gallo! It starts with freshly picked, locally grown fruits, vegetables and herbs. Guests are welcome to visit our kitchen where your food is cooked in the traditional Dominican style – over an open fire. We build each menu around what we have available in our garden. We specialize in vegetarian food (we promise you won’t miss the meat) but we are happy to make anything you’d like!


El Gallo boasts over 200 free range chicken and they lay the tastiest eggs around! These sought after ‘criollo’ eggs are so rich and fresh – you will absolutely taste the different!
We are happy to accommodate any special dietary requests that you may have. Just let us know what you need!


The most common comment we get from our DayPass visitors is that they do not want to leave. There is beauty in simplicity and El Gallo knows that is what we all need sometimes!